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Studies and surveys reveal an equity gap in estate planning.  Americans in communities of color are less likely to have plans in place, a troubling disparity given how important estate planning is for all of us.

Advance health care directives allow elders to choose a decision maker and to express preferences as to palliative care, creating a structure for family members and medical care providers to follow.  Wills and trusts provide for the orderly transfer of assets upon an elder’s death.

Without plans in place, elders may not receive the care they want, the family home may be lost, and the potential for disharmony amongst family members increases.

What strategies can help expand access to estate planning?  Join me for a podcast conversation with Verleana Green-Telusca.

Verleana, a lawyer in Oakland, describes how she became an estate planner and the innovative community outreach program she developed.

In 2014, Verleana founded The Estate and Retirement Planning Specialists, a nonprofit that offers free educational programs to seniors regarding estate and retirement planning.  She uses actors to show the importance of estate planning by playing out a family drama.  Drawing on her experience, she shares thoughts on expanding access to estate planning.

I thank Verleana for joining me and hope you enjoy our conversation, released during National Make-a-Will Month.  Please subscribe to Trust Me! to receive new podcast episodes as they are released.