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Stepmother vs. Stepchild, Now Playing in a California Probate Court Near You

Stepmothers are frequent characters in California trust and estate litigation, as they are in fairy tales and Disney movies.  With about half of all marriages ending in divorce, there are many stepmother/stepchild relationships.  Mostly they work out fine, but some go south. After blogging on sibling conflicts as a driver of trust and estate disputes, … Continue Reading

California Trust Conflict Avoidance – A Bank Trust Officer’s Perspective

Editor’s Update: In late 2018, Exchange Bank acquired First Northern Bank’s trust department.  Chris Ann Bachtel and Alysia Corell are now trust officers with Exchange Bank. This week we share a perspective on California trust conflict avoidance from Chris Ann Bachtel, who is a Senior Vice President and trust manager at First Northern Bank, a … Continue Reading