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When facing trusts and estates disputes, clients turn to Jake Smith for his steady hand and creative solutions to ambiguous situations.

Jake applies his knowledge and experience as a Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate & Trust law to shepherd clients through the valleys and peaks of trusts and estates disputes. His practice focuses on helping clients achieve the right result tailored to their situation.

Here’s another reason (uno más in Spanish) to create and properly execute a will. If your spouse or other trusted designee lives out of the country when you die, he or she won’t be eligible to administer your California estate. The recent case of Estate of El Wardani (2022) 82 Cal.App.5th 870, involving

We write today about probate law, premarital agreements and the importance of doing your homework.

In Estate of Eskra (2022) 78 Cal.App.5th 209, the First District Court of Appeal upheld a Humboldt County Superior Court decision to enforce as valid a premarital agreement that a surviving spouse signed without reading.  How did the surviving