Silhouette of Helping HandsGuest author Karina Stanhope, a Downey Brand associate, contributes today’s post.

A recent New York Times article shined new light on Britney Spears’ conservatorship. Well known for her instant rise to stardom as a Disney Mouseketeer, Ms. Spears’ fame as a young, up-and-coming pop star in the 1990s was boundless. Little less than a decade later, however, media outlets and tabloids provided a darker view of what Ms. Spears’ life had become. The more famous Ms. Spears became, the less control she appeared to hold over both her private and public life. Ms. Spears’ escapades worried fans and family alike, and in 2008, her father, James Spears, took legal action. A Los Angeles court appointed Mr. Spears conservator over Ms. Spears’ person and estate, with a lawyer aptly named Andrew Wallet serving as co-conservator over her estate.