John Goralka Headshot
John Goralka, estate planning attorney at Goralka Law Firm

I asked estate planning attorney John Goralka, of the Goralka Law Firm in Sacramento, to share his thoughts on working with clients to avoid disputes over their estate plans.

John has been a lawyer since 1988.  The State Bar of California has certified him as a specialist in both Taxation Law and Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law, a dual certification held by relatively few California attorneys.

Tell me about your personal and professional background.

Family is important to me.  I grew up on a ranch in the Livermore Valley in Alameda County with five brothers and three sisters.  I feel truly blessed to have grown up in a large family.  We remain close and enjoy spending major holidays and other gatherings throughout the year together.  Each of my siblings has an advanced degree, which is a testament to my parents.  Our family get-togethers are never quiet or boring.

I founded the Goralka Law Firm in 1996.  The firm helps successful families, business owners and real estate owners achieve their enlightened dreams by minimizing taxes, better protecting assets, resolving transitions, and even cleaning up messes from time to time.