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Tyson Hubbard and I launched this blog in November 2015, and today’s post will be number 200.  As the years have passed, my colleagues and I have written about new California probate cases and legislation, and mused on perennial sources of conflict.

One of our first posts forecast the rising tide of trust and estate litigation – not especially insightful given the demographic reality of the aging Baby Boomers, but a noteworthy trend nonetheless.  We have written frequently about mental incapacity and undue influence, two concerns that often spark trust and estate disputes.  Trustee fees have remained a common cause of combustion, as beneficiaries often are unhappy about amounts charged.  Trust administration disputes have become more frequent and complex.  Meanwhile, ChatGPT and other AI platforms are the talk of the town and may not forgive our critique.

Next week I will be leaving private practice to become a judicial officer.  I hand the Trust on Trial editor baton to Sean McKissick, who has been a blog contributor and who leans into a colorful mixed metaphor.  I thank my colleagues who have written posts and the staff members who have helped us maintain this blog over the past eight years.  And thank you, dear readers, for your feedback and for tolerating our dubious attempts at humor.  Onward!