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Aaron Johnson, counsel at Downey Brand, LLP, specializes in estate planning and trust administration. He has a masters of law in taxation and represents individuals and families in transferring wealth to the next generation. Originally from Central California, Aaron now lives in the Sacramento area with his wife and children.

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California Powers of Appointment: Follow Instructions When Exercising

In California, a trustor (person who creates a trust) can confer a “power of appointment” on trust beneficiaries, empowering them to designate to whom they want to give their shares of the trust.  The trustor can require trust beneficiaries to specifically exercise and refer to the power of appointment in any will they create to … Continue Reading

Put It on My Tab – When Is a Lifetime Gift in California an Advancement Against Inheritance?

A primary purpose of estate planning is to determine what a child will inherit (if anything) upon a parent’s death.  But what about a gift given during the parent’s life?  Is it an advance on the child’s inheritance, like putting it on the child’s tab until the trust is cashed out?  Or is the gift … Continue Reading